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3 things that would make Nintendo Labo a must have item

So Nintendo revealed "Nintendo Labo" - cardboard cutouts that fold into different objects that work with special Switch hardware. By placing the Joy Cons in certain spots of your creation, be it a Piano, fishing Rod, Gun, Rocket Launcher, Steering Wheel and more, you gain the ability to do so much more than push buttons.

Take the Paino as a good example. The Red Joy Con, actually knows where your individual fingers are and if you have pressed a key or not. This naturally will feel more immersive than pushing a button on your controller. The target Audience is for kids, so why am I excited? because of what they have NOT said but if it happens...just WOW. Let me explain, friends. Here are 3 things that would make Nintendo Labo a must-have item.

1) Cheap accessory replacement. Like driving games and would love to use a steering wheel/ Pedal combo, but don't want to spend hundreds on a console accessory? Look no further! Build it with cardboard. Dismantle when not using to save space, and who cares if you drop it. The possibilities are actually endless. Build a gun, Melee weapon or actually go fishing.

2) Compatibility with full-fledged games. how much better would Mario Kart 8 be with an actual steering wheel and a pedal? Or building a sniper rifle and aiming at the screen?

3) What if ANY developer can join in? Full, original games that let you play in ways you could only do in Arcades?

Nintendo Labo is not launching just yet, so between now and the end of April. There will undoubtedly be more information released. One thing is certain, only Nintendo could get away with selling cardboard and making it fun.

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