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A constructive look at why Nintendo fans are so loyal

EVERY video game console has fans. Those who enjoy the product and speak highly of their experiences. Some develop such a strong attachment, that they proactively promote and defend said company. Did a Sony fan just make fun of the Xbox One? WAR! How dare you not feel the same love as I do, and I will explain in several paragraphs, why you are wrong!

There's another group of fan boys, who's commitment may be even stronger. Who can be seen as blind or surely under the age of 10. This group, is of course the Nintendo fans. It's almost like Nintendo can make anything, even cardboard and they will praise the company with their wallets. What is the deal? Surely Mario and Zelda are boring by now. Surely they would want more powerful hardware to play the latest cutting edge graphic pumping games?

As a Nintendo fan, I feel I can speak on behalf of the community. For the record, I have been "gaming my whole life" (Huh! See what I did there?) and play all consoles.

1) Firstly, let's discuss the word loyalty really quickly. It's trust towards something based on previous experience. The original Nintendo console came out more than 30 years ago and to this day, still bring fun experiences on their consoles/handhelds. Wouldn't YOU have a bit of trust in a company who has made you happy for so many years?

2) That trust let's Nintendo be more daring with their choices. Recently Nintendo, revealed "Nintendo Labo" - which is switch accessories that interact with the Switch console. The big deal? It's literally made of cardboard...expensive cardboard at that. Their consoles are weaker graphically over the last few generations and usually offer an unorthodox way of playing. Motions controls, a built in touch screen in the game controller? list goes on.

3)So it's blind loyalty? Nope. Nintendo's fan base is made up of a more accepting group. These gamers don't normally care how a game appears, as long as it's fun. They are more open to giving the benefit of the doubt to a company who has spent 30+ years earning it.

4)Let's talk facts. A big selling point of Nintendo games is the amount of work put in them. Enjoyed the recent Zelda game, breath of the wilds? Awesome - Nintendo worked on that for 4 years. How about Mario Odyssey? Development started late 2013 and released end 2017. What about a smaller game, like Splatoon? That took 2 years. The pattern you should be seeing is the large amount of time they put into their titles. They could easily release one of these games every year and although the quality would be lower...would still sell well enough. However, they never do this. they put quality in front of profits, which be honest - is very commendable from any company. this created even stronger loyalty within the Nintendo community.

5) Final point and thanks for hanging in there! Is that important original members are still in the company to this day. Many companies can be a shell of their former self, as original game designers and staff have already moved on but the logo remains. Nintendo whoever still have Shigeru Miyamoto. This man is the game designer of Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong and more. he still oversees production all these years later to ensure quality. Eiji Aonuma has been directing the Zelda games for the past 20 years and Koji Kondo, the genius who created all those memorable Mario tracks still works at Nintendo to this day! Not to mention the new, younger talent they have been training over the years.

So there you have it. Solid reasons why Nintendo fans are so passionate. It's not just nostalgia. It's earned respect from 30+ years of quality games.

This blog was made by George, the host of "Gaming My Whole life" a weekly Podcast with his friend Cemil, discussing everything Gaming, Nintendo and the industry as a whole. be sure to follow our adventures if you have not already :)