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Is Assassins Creed: Origins - the start of a new Ubisoft?

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Ubisoft is one of the most fascinating and skilled developers/publishes in the world. Bringing titles such as the Rayman series, Prince Of Persia, Assassins Creed, The Division, Watch Dogs, Far Cry and more.

Gamers alike pay attention when Ubisoft announces a game and have one of the most aggressive promotion strategies to date. Even non-gamers knew about Watch Dogs before release. Same for a new Far Cry game or anything coming out from them, really. Billboards, Bus stops, online...anywhere you could promote, they did!This is both a blessing and a course because whenever Ubisoft have messed up (and boy have they done that a good amount of times), they became the target of hate and resentment.

To bring those up to speed, who may not already be aware. As wonderfully creative and brilliant the good people who work under the Ubisoft's umbrella are, they have a reputation for releasing buggy games and slowly patching it up later. Poor performance and frame rate issues (30 frames per second are the minimum you want for a smooth experience, otherwise it's like your buffering a film online with jumps between animation frames). Texture (what you see on the outside of an object, like wrapping paper) and object pop-ins. Game crashes and more. This is further scrutinized by the fact some of these games only had a year of development time. Making Ubisoft an easy target to accuse of milking game series and putting quality second priority.

If this was a one time or even 2-time deal, it wouldn't be an issue. But it's actually expected, to the point many gamers don't buy Ubisoft games at launch until a patch or 2 has been added (patches are often used to fix up errors and improve the overall experience for the gamer). Fast forward to the end of 2017 and Ubisoft has Launched their latest game Assassins Creed: Origins on PC and consoles. The game has received very positive reviews and has much fewer bugs.

So what's changed? For this installment, extra development time was given to the team. Assassins Creed: Origins Screenshot There wasn't a small 1-year Window this time. It was more than 2 years and I personally believe that's why we are seeing a better game. It makes sense if you stop and think about it. All those great games you love and become many of those were done within a 12-month window? How many took anywhere between 2-4 years? Take a look at Nintendo and there latest blockbuster game Zelda: Breath Of The Wilds was in development for up to 6-7 years (a game which has scored on average 10/10 on review sites).

The question I present to you, is this: Are we in the wake of a new Ubisoft? A Ubisoft who works longer and harder on titles. A Ubisoft who doesn't release games which clearly are still in alpha stage? This could easily also mean nothing. Maybe they just worked longer on this game because interest has been declining. Maybe they decided they have milked THIS particular series too long, but can push their luck with other titles? All this is simply speculation. It's anyone's guess what they will do going forward.

For now, we can enjoy the game. focus on the here and now. Let us enjoy this beautiful game.

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