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Movie quality Ray-Tracing is coming and NVIDIA is leading the way

The next graphical advancement in gaming is HERE. It's been too long since we had a jump, and NVIDIA is leading the way!!


So, let me break this down in a simple way you can ALL get excited for.

When movies are doing their special affects and amazing photo realistic 3D - it's done with Ray-tracing. It's super resource demanding and basically calculates realistic light bounce off objects. Long story short, it's what makes things look real. If you have a window and sun is coming through. The light bounces off the floor boards, onto the ceiling, the walls, the furniture EVERYTHING.

The above is rather complicated and that's why it has not been in games. Games play out in real time. It happens while you look at it! Movies on the other hand, can spend hours rendering a single frame, since it's done in advance.

So now that the tech stuff is out of the way (yes, I know there are more advanced explanations but I wanted to keep things simple) let us get excited for what this means to us gamers.

NVIDIA is leading the way with the tech to make the above possible in real time. This means that EVERYTHING will look better as a result. Light will look better, reflections, affects and surfaces will look much more believable. I've included a link below to a tech Demo. Keep in mind this is in REAL TIME. I can't stress enough how great this is.

Will you need to invest in a new graphics card to enjoy? Well, yeah. But it won't be for just higher resolution or frame rate. It will be to experience games in a way we have not before.

This was all just shown and it will be a couple years before we see the compatible hardware out and games to support it. We can also speculate that future gaming consoles will get a proper jump. No Playstation 4 Pro Vol 2 or XBOX Two X (I'm pretty proud of that made up name hehe).

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