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What Nintendo Switch did right from launch

The Nintendo Switch has been out for a year, and already has outsold the Wii U's ENTIRE life cycle. But, how? Why?? I'm glad you asked ;)

So a fun history lesson. Nintendo used to care about graphics. Both the N64 & the GameCube had more punching power than Sony. As a much smaller company and having less money, Nintendo needed to play it smart with their next system. Needed to be interesting enough to grab attention but cheap enough to produce, where if it failed - it didn't mean the end of them.

2006 the Answer was the Wii. A game console a little more powerful than the GameCube BUT packed motion controls. We all know that was a success. it sold like mad and Nintendo was swimming in money.

2012 Nintendo revealed the Wii U and BOY was this done badly. They wanted to focus on the controller so much, and show off it's features that...they sorta forgot to promote they had a new console. Seriously, people thought it was a Wii add on! Didn't help that having the name "Wii U" helped confuse people further.

Poor sales, a horrible marketing campaign and people not even sure it's a new console, caused the Wii U to fade out and die. The console itself also didn't support Unity and Unreal Engine. Third party developers were not interested and those who were...ported really old games with less features. SHOCKINGLY, these ports sold poorly. Also all ads had kids in, not even kids want to see that. Very uncool.

2017 - The Nintendo Switch was launched and has ROCKED THE GAMING WORLD!!! But, it's still weaker than the competition? What's different apart from the portable aspect?



Firstly, it was clear what the console was. It's Nintendo's newest console.

What does it do? It's a home console, that's also a portable.Got it...and it works just like the commercials show.

Just pull the system out of the dock and MAGIC. 1 second later, it's portable.

All commercials were adults having fun. No group of kids on the couch. Step 1 of fixing "kid" image.

No gimmick. Every game instantly becomes portable and frankly, that's just cool.

NVIDIA TEGRA is what the graphics card inside the chip is. What does that mean to developers? Easy and familiar. not hard to port games over. Also Unity and Unreal Engine 4 also work now.

Launching with the best Zelda game, possibly ever made. Having a must have, highest rated game in history as your launch game helps.

Making partnerships with big third party devs. Getting BETHESDA games on the Switch is huuuge. Skyrim, DOOM, and Wolfenstein II.

Those great Wii U games are getting 2nd life on the Switch. So theirs quality games that already exist and can be ported over. Extra features and local co op are usually added as well to sweeten the deal.

Secret weapon? Indie games. You heard (read) me. In between all these big name games, indies have been smashing it and finding success on the system. To the point where sales on the Switch, have been more than STEAM, PS4 and Xbox One COMBINED. Nintendo was smart and early on, put the spotlight on them.

As a final note, let's talk Nintendo and ONLINE. So, it's not like you couldn't play online games on the Wii U. In fact, you have been able to since the original Wii and it's been free this whole time. They have also had criticism thrown their way. As the paid alternatives on Sony or Microsoft's consoles offer more. So in 2018, Nintendo will be charging players for the first time a yearly subscription fee.

It's only AU$29.95 a year. That is so cheap. We don't know exactly what they will be bringing, except for some small details. What they ARE doing right, is their attitude towards paid content and DLC. ARMS and Splatoon 2, are both online games that have already launched. New and free updates have constantly been coming out. No extra charge. Paid DLC will of course be added, but you never feel ripped off. Not everything is about getting every dollar out of you. A pay to win structure doesn't exist here.

This marks the end of my first blog, on the Gaming My Whole life Facebook Page and also in our group "positive Gaming Space". If this blog felt too long, it's clearly not for you, lol. This is for those with the passion. Those who can't get enough and I hope you enjoyed the read :) Detailed thoughts like this are a bit too long for the Podcast.