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Why you DON’T want that console exclusive...going cross platform!?

Why you DON’T want that console exclusive...going cross platform!?

What madness do I speak? It does sound pretty mad...what bad could possible come from, say God Of War 3 or Zelda: BOTW available everywhere? Everyone could play and sales numbers would be insane.

While the statement above stands true, it doesn’t take a very important aspect into consideration and that is quality. When a game is to be released on all 3 consoles + PC - that’s a lot of platforms you need to test your game on. Make sure it runs smoothly and takes advantage of all the different hardware.

Normally to achieve this, external developers are hired to take care of different port versions. This normally results in, one console version running much more smoothly that another, and it has nothing to do with the power of said consoles.

Now let’s go to God Of War 3. The developers had only one console to worry about. Learn it inside and out. Focus on it for years and really push it! I promise you...if the developers had to stress over several versions of this game, the end result would have been VERY different.

Same goes for any platform. Look at Ubisoft for reference it that helps. Their games normally launch of PS4, Xbox One AND PC. With lots of bugs to follow...that’s not to say they set the standard, lol. I’m aware they have released many games before they were even ready BUT the end result would have been much better if it was say a console exclusive.

So the next time u get mad that a game is not on your console, take a moment instead to appreciate it can only exist in its current form where it is now. Buy the console if you must. Chances are, there’s other exclusives as well you could enjoy.

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